E’ online il fascicolo n. 1 (2023) di JLIS.it, disponibile come di consueto sul sito della rivista.

Di seguito l’indice del volume:

Editorial Board, This issue is dedicated to Luigi Balsamo, I-II

Editoriale: Mauro Guerrini, Andrea Capaccioni, Rossana Morriello, Editorial Board, Peer review: a process undergoing a required transformation, III-V


  • Steven Witt, Global Trends in Knowledge Production and the Evolving Peer Review Process,1-9
  • Peter Lor, Scholarly publishing and peer review in the Global South: the role of the reviewer, 10-29
  • Rahmatollah Fattahi, Reza Rajabali Beglou, Somayeh Sadat Akhshik, Peer review ethics in Iranian LIS scholarly journals: a comparison between views of reviewers and authors, 30-45
  • Andrea Bonaccorsi, Towards peer review as a group engagement, 46-59
  • Ernest Abadal , Remedios Melero, Open peer review: the point of view of scientific journal editors, 60-70
  • Andrea Capaccioni, Open peer review: some considerations on the selection and management of reviewers, 71-80
  • Valentina Sonzini, Gender equality in library science and book history Italian journals: a focus on boards, authors and peer-reviewers, 81-98
  • Rossana Morriello, Peer review in research assessment and data analysis of Italian publications in SSD M-STO/08 (Archival science, bibliography, library science) , 99-120
  • Maurizio Vivarelli, The role of peer review in the evaluation of research in Italy. Some remarks on the evaluation of PRINs, 121-137
  • Fulvio Guatelli, Firenze University Press: the peer review policy of an Italian academic publisher. Interview with Fulvio Guatelli by Alessia Papa, 138-143